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Hi! I’m Courtney

Speaker. Author. Actress.

Welcome, Your story matters!

The experiences you’ve lived are the cultivation of strength, courage, and great feats of faith!  

My name is Courtney Frey and I believe that nothing is ever in vain. Here, on my site, you will find opportunities to connect with pieces of yourself through the power of connection – a divine link we all must share if we’re going to be the best version of ourselves!

As a published author, speechwriter, speaker, actress, crazy mama of three adult(ing) kiddo’s – and a hubby whose smirk will tell quite a fine story – I love to meet audiences who strive to seek out passion, purpose, and to engage in the excellence of life.

Through storytelling, experience, humor, and years of cultivating my own voice, it is my mission to hear your goals for your audiences and reach them where they want and need.  Your audience has a voice, it is my goal to listen to them and help them hear it out-loud.

Why Me?  

I employ unique writing skills that carve tales from roots of experiences and stories, laying myself at the altar of your audience believing in transparency and vulnerability – with a little laughter along the way.  I custom write each speech to your event and to your audience –  you will never hear me give your speech to another group!  Bringing empathy to those whose voices have been silenced, daring to challenge the whisper of defeat, knowing each of us is called to light up the fire within and shout out to the mountain tops that “Yes, we are victors!”.  

As an outside-of-the-box maverick, my purpose is to bring out the best of those in the room.   I engage your audience with questions, inclusivity, and often times, even opportunities to speak. I believe in the energy of community that builds a connection for those sharing the space we are in.  I’m a stage walker with a wild side, but when it comes to heart and hope, I harness grace and understanding.

I would love the chance to connect with you, to brainstorm ideas, and truly discover how together we can create a unique event that will change lives for the better.

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