We’re All A Little Bit Weird. Let’s Make It Count.

People call me weird all the time.  Especially my own kids.  I wear outrageous high heels, am an actress, and write about very personal issues for all the world to see.  “You’re weird.  How can you wear those?  Aren’t you too old for theater?  Why would you write stuff like that, it’s so personal.”

I used to try to justify myself.  I tried to explain.  I even let the comments get to me occasionally and isolated myself when I felt judged.

Then, along the way of growing up, I began to realize that my weird made me unique. I didn’t want to be “normal” – and those parts of me that stood out, I eventually learned, were actually valuable.  I learned to grow into my weirdness.  Instead of being weird just to be weird, I used my unique traits and qualities when it served a purpose. 

The environment around me began to change.  When I embraced the real concept of “me” – people began to draw nearer.  Instead of “You’re weird,” the comments started turning into, “I wish I could be like that.”  When I utilized my creative self in ways that blessed others, instead of making it all about “Look at me!” the comments started turning from, “Wow, like the spotlight much?” to, “How do you think of stuff like that, you’re so creative!”

A really cool guy Naill Doherty, who gave up everything he owns to travel the world and write full time to live out his dream writes in one of his blogs,

“Not all weird is good. Look up some synonyms for the word and you’ll find awful,creepy and grotesque right alongside awe-inspiringsupernatural and uncanny. I try not to be weird just for the sake of it. That’s the bad kind of weird. Good weird serves a purpose.

Different is better when it is more effective or more fun. – Tim Ferriss

If you can do something unorthodox to improve your life (without compromising your values), then go for it. Don’t let normal people talk you down.”   Read more of Naill’s post, Embrace Your Weirdness

Your weird has the power to be purposeful and inspiring when you learn to embrace the value in it.  You can take the negative out of weird and discover ways to enhance people’s lives with your uniqueness.  Be weird, on purpose!