Kris: A True Story Of Embracing Your Weird

I’m so white bread.  My weird might not be that weird.  Our family was always disconnected from everything, all the time.  I didn’t see my parents in social situations except for with family, and they are both very quiet and reserved.  They’re not attention seekers, they aren’t – well, they are just very confident in who they are, at least they come off that way.  Everything was always very polite, very understated.

So, for me, I was in dance and in choir, but you would never get me to do a solo or to sing on my own.  If there was ever any spotlight on me …. or me taking charge of anything – NO WAY.  AT ALL.  I think the first time I ever did something like that I was a cheerleader and in a meeting we had to decide what our uniforms were and who was going to the captain and because my family was so indecisive I kind of got fed up with indecision … and so for the first time, I went out of my character and started organizing and making decisions … and I was shocked …. they all voted me to be the Captain.  I was NOT that kind of person … so for me, that was really weird.  It took me a long time to accept that people look to me to be a leader and I’ve never been comfortable in that role but I’ve learned over time to be more confidant in that role.  It’s not “weird” – but to me it is.  What’s weird to one person may not be weird to someone else.

Some people might think, ‘What’s the big deal?”  But because of your life and your life bubble, certain things that other people might perceive as normal are very weird or awkward for you. I had no idea I was born to be a leader.