Make Your Awesome Sauce Your Main Dish & Serve It Up As A Side For Others

[blockquote author=”Dr. Forrest Shaklee”] If you give of yourself, without question, help comes from the most unexpected places. [/blockquote]


As we discovered our awesome sauce this week, we learned that we have a lot to give: gifts, talents, excitement, energy, values, experience, and confidence. The more we share our personality and add richness to the lives of others, the more abundance we invite into our lives – an affirmation of the power of giving.

I have found that placing value on serving others with those gifts and positive energy results in more and better blessings than I even imagined.

What do you value? What have you discovered as you share your awesome sauce with others? May your sharing create a beautiful cycle: more flowing in so you can continue to give . . . and grow your awesome sauce.