With still sore muscles and aching belly I sat in front of my dietitian and thought, “This is never going to be easy again.” With only a 3 lb weight loss and the news that my puree diet has to last a month I swallowed my tears and left.  On the way to my Jeep it hit me.  It’s worth fighting for.

This isn’t about being skinny or hoping I fit into a bathing suit again – though that’d be awesome cool; it’s about facing myself.  The true challenge of our lives …. to know ourselves and to give of ourselves.  The gift that keeps on giving.  If I can rise to this challenge and face my fears, insecurities, temptations, and negative behaviors then I can clear the path to the me underneath it all.  Am I funny?  What do I like?  Do I giggle?  Am I wise?  Do I make people feel better?

I can love my husband on a deeper level and be a respected mother who has shown her children a valuable lesson.  I can be the friend who is sympathetic and understanding.  I can love fully, deeply, and with authenticity.  I can walk the walk.

The pounds come off but so do the layers of me.  I’m holding dear today the truth that I am proud of my journey.

August 16th: 265 lbs

September 15th:  235 lbs