The Weighted Truth:  Day 10

A blog journey following me as I go through Pre, Sleeve Surgery, post surgery and beyond.

I’m starving.  The kind of hungry that made me question whether or not my dog’s jerky would taste good.  Just one lick.  Yeah, that kind of hungry.  I dreamed again about McDonald’s nuggets and Domino’s Pizza.  But I decided as my feet hit the floor when I woke that I was going to make the day my bitch.  And that’s pretty much, almost all the way, what I did.

I had Thursday off work and that’s not a good thing.  I had to find things to keep busy with and it turned out to be a decent day until, driving home at around 4pm, I told myself YAY James will be home in an hour!  Then, I remembered that no, he has flight drill and won’t be home until almost midnight.  That got me.  How in the hell am I gonna do another four or five hours of this ALONE?

I panicked.  Thank God for my daughter in law who was home.  I rushed up to her place, knowing alone was NOT a good idea at the moment.  I cried, I talked.  During Facetime with my youngest daughter who is in Virginia with the Air Force, we all got into a conversation about mother in law’s and Sam made a comment about “putting up with them” and Dani laughed and nodded.  I felt awful.  I’m “that” mother in law.  Am I?  I didn’t want to burden her anymore so I decided to leave fairly soon after that.  I came home, made some chicken broth, and watched a sappy movie.  I need to get through this …. alone.

Rough night.  Only one pound lost.  But all be damned … I didn’t cheat and I made it through another day!