The Weighted Truth:  Just over a week in …

A blog journey following me as I go through Pre, Sleeve Surgery, post surgery and beyond.

Woke up feeling jiggy with it!  High energy and a clear mind had me dancing!  I woke up without massive cravings, spent time journaling my blog and drinking my decaf coffee tinged with a little prayer and meditation.  I felt alive!  I went to work at the flower shop and had a seriously awesome day.  Not too busy but busy enough to keep me whistling.  All day was surreal.  Is this finally getting better?  Was it day 8 for me that this crap finally broke?  I didn’t question it.  I went with it!

Basically, I owned the day.  I was laughing.  I was smiling.  I FELT GOOD.  Hallelujah!  Day 8 was my reward day.  My spirit rejoiced!

Then I went to sleep.  Dreaming about a LOT.  Not only were there people smoking and eating and drinking ALL around me all night in my dreams, but I was severely bullied.  In my dream I was a big old baby who played the martyr, didn’t stand up for herself, and then sought attention for her distress. I’m shaking it off this morning.  NOT going to start my day feeling like a piece of poop.  Man, if it doesn’t hit you during the day and it comes sneaking in at night …… you KNOW you’re doing the right thing!  Keep on keeping on Cork.  (That’s what my BFF used to call me).  See you tomorrow morning!  Let’s blast this day with some light!

Oh – I weighed in at 255 (down 10 pounds) last Friday.  Going to weigh in this Friday!