The Weighted Truth:  Day 9

A blog journey following me as I go through Pre, Sleeve Surgery, post surgery and beyond.

Nightmare’s all night.  I’m not sure if I believe that God speaks to us in our dreams or through our dreams but I do know that whatever happened in my head last night was very telling.  I had a dream that I pretended a back surgery I’d had months before still hurt to get attention from people when I felt like I didn’t belong in the group.  I started to act like I was in pain to get people to notice me.  TELLING, RIGHT??????????  OMG.  Do I do that for real?

I woke up and went to the bathroom, splashed water on my face and looked at myself in the mirror.  Do you play that game, Courtney?  I suddenly realized that yes.  Yes, I do.  I think the part of me that is vulnerable who shares everything with everyone (uh, I’m doing it now), is a gift in some way.  I love reaching out to others, sharing, hearing their journey and their struggle so that we can team up and encourage one another.  I listen to others through my story.  However, I also tell my story sometimes for the attention of it.  Am I good enough?  Can you validate me please?  YUCK.

The saying goes that insanity is when you do something over and over again expecting different results.  Well, it’s time I nixed that now and did something different.  I’m not going to stop my blog because I really do feel like anyone else dealing with weight loss or deciding to have weight loss surgery might glean some hope or some insight and even if I can reach one person to connect to on a level of awakening and adventure … I think it’s a positive thing.  What I won’t do anymore is inject myself into conversations that go like, “Well yeah, I was …. ” or, “Oh yeah, I did ….”  I’m not going to blab my history or my story if I don’t see that it will produce a positive result.  I’ll double check myself.  Am I about to say this because I need to feel included or because I need this person (or people) to make me feel good enough?  That act is over.

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