Well here we are at Day 10.  I’m still on my protein shake diet, help us all, and yes I’m still starving.  However, I have lost a total of 28 pounds since August 17th when this all started.  If I said I wasn’t excited about that I’d be lying!  It’s definitely motivation to keep going.  However, the biggest thing I’m battling is the lifestyle changing of it all – what to fill in the empty spaces with.  I’ve decided I’m going to join a workout class and go twice a week (once I fully heal) and start to learn some yoga here at the house (No one needs to see this yet lol).

I recently had my one week check up with my Dr., who is amazing.  I expressed to him that this new lifestyle feels lonely and I feel lost a lot.  He sat back and told me, “I’m going to share something with you I’ve never shared with any of my patients.”  As he proceeded to tell me what he had to say I instantly felt the relief fall from me.  I felt understood.  I felt heard.  I felt comforted.  He didn’t tell me that “It’ll get better” or “Just hang in there” or “keep it up” or any of the things I think we all say to each other when we don’t know what else to say.  He really went deep and pulled from his heart to give me hope.  Well, if I didn’t know by now he was the right Doc for the job I did that day.

I’m learning to use different perspectives, senses, and walk a different path.  One that is full of life and adventure but one that also honors me – my health, physically, mentally, and spiritually.  Hey, you know what we should do?  We should get together for a seriously kick ass day and night (yes, sleepover!!!!!) and have a total “reset” for us all.  I’m talking a little wine, a little pampering, a lot of vulnerability, sharing, healing, crying, laughing, some games, etc.  Oh man that would be so fun!  I’m not weird. you know you want too.

Day 10 …. feeling better!