The Weighted Truth:: August 31st through September 3rd, including surgery day.

Who was it that said success doesn’t come easy?  Despite how obviously right they are I still have a few specific words for them.  Well, it’s done.  I successfully had a laparoscopic sleeve weight loss surgery.  It was everything everyone had said it would be and more.  I’ll spare you the details of the whole event (private message me for details), and I’ll spare myself having to relive most of it.  But as I sit here now, propped up and wincing on day four of recovery I can’t help but smile.  The pain is worth it.  The attitude adjustment was necessary.

Surgery of any kind is frightening.  I went into my surgery on Monday with some nerves but mostly excitement.  I knew that my life had already begun to change and this surgery was solidifying that commitment to change. My Dr. Glascock and all of the nurses and aids on the second surgery floor at Waverly Health Center were outstanding.  I had the very best care.  I had sympathy, understanding, laughter, and encouragement.  Day one after surgery I was ready to walk!  I owned that walk and even dubbed myself the Rockstar of that floor.  It was so satisfying knowing that I was taking excellent measures to heal myself and have a future I could be proud of.



A couple of key notes for those thinking about weight loss surgery:

  • You can’t fart and you’ll want too
  • I still haven’t pooped
  • Your tongue turns white
  • It’s like contractions but you’re only pregnant with pain
  • You begin to grieve

I weighed in this morning.  247 – an 8 pound weight loss since surgery. 18 pound loss since I began.

When I’ve lost 20 pounds my siblings have set up an offer to be challenged.  So, for every twenty I drop I get to tell all three of them something to do, they have to record it, and it gets to be anything I want!  This is gonna be fun come Sunday.

I had the surgery but I’m still me.  I’m still the woman who has to continue to fight for herself.