3 Lies About Friendship

There are fabulous friendships to be had, but we tend to let the lies we tell ourselves get in the way of deeper and more fulfilling friendships.  Are any of these 3 common lies getting in the way of you and your friend?

She thinks she’s better than me. 

Whether she has made a new friend, gotten a promotion, or lost ten pounds – stop telling yourself that she’s better than you.  As we feel our friends move forward, sometimes we may feel left behind a little.  The lie, that you are feeling you have to compete, will steal your opportunity to jump on the band wagon with your friend and better yourself in your own ways!  Allow her positive change to motivate and empower you rather than to isolate and become envious.  You’re only feeling like she’s better than you because YOU are feeling that you’re not at YOUR best.  Ignite your OWN truth and dig deep with your talents and gifts and share these things with your friend to encourage and foster an empowering friendship!

All I do is just give, give, give .

Each of us has our own way of giving and receiving love and if you’re not in tune with your friend on the ways that she receives and gives love, you’re going to constantly feel like you’re giving your all and getting nothing in return.   Here’s the truth:  What you’re giving to her may not be what she needs, in fact, what you’re giving to her is your own need.  Stop and think about the things that your friend does for you – because what she gives are the things that she would like in return.  Start giving those things to her, verses what you want to give, and you’ll see a shift in what she gives back.  I’m a talker, but I have a friend who is a gift giver.  I had to learn that she receives love by gifts, and once I figured that out and started giving her small treasures and trinkets … she start talking more!  Find your friends love language.

If she knew who I really was, she wouldn’t be my friend.

A good friend knows you inside and out.  You can be the same person with her out in public as you are by yourself behind closed doors.  If you can’t be the real you … it’s not a friendship you need to spend a lot of investing in.  But before you decide that … I dare you to open up.  9 times out of 10 when I’ve come clean about my Abilify taking, late night cocktail drinking, crying fests and how I still to this day sometimes feel insecure … my friend’s eyes go wide and I heard, “Oh my gosh … you too?”  You are valuable and everything about you is unique – if you’re not bringing your full self to the table in your friendship then it’s not a solid friendship.  Let go of your fear, stop judging yourself so harshly, and embrace your truth.  If she does reject it, you’ve done yourself a favor and gotten out of a one sided relationship!

 Turn them around today and Ignite Your Truth!