I never knew a laughter that could bend me silly.

I never tasted a fulfillment that could make me lick my lips.

I never came across my own shadow and played hide and seek just for fun.

I never talked out loud and learned something.

I never sang until my throat dried.

I never knew peace in silence.

I never knew love without expectation.

I never paused long enough to smell the rain.

Until I knew me.

Woman in the Rain


One simple day when I was alone, I unwrapped myself like a child stealing a peek at a present.

At first I laughed … bent over and silly.

Then, I dug in and tore away the layers.

I played with the shadows until they were all found.

I talked out loud until I began to speak truth.

I danced around and sang so loud it made sense.

Then, I grew quiet and found love.

And then it rained.

And now, I know.


Discover Yourself.  Open your heart up to what makes you laugh, what gives you passion, and the qualities about you that are unique and radical.  When you un-wrap the essence of your unique personality, you may be surprised at the discovery waiting within you.  You will, when you truly discover yourself, find a freedom to live the life you always knew you could.  You will laugh harder and more often, and love freely without fear.  Because you will have found who you are. And who you are … is priceless.